Evolution: developing a plan hand-in-hand

When you’re an independent agency looking to grow, you have several options to expand your market access including aggregators, clusters, and network organizations. Evolution Partners is unique.


Evolution Partners is unique.

Our size and structure allows our members to enjoy the benefits and buying power they need to grow – while still retaining the hands-on approach and close working relationship that fosters their development.

The Best of Both Worlds


The Usual Way:

When agencies want to expand their market access, the typical solution is to go through insurance wholesalers. They underwrite the policy and select the markets, meaning that the agency has little control over their own book of business. The wholesaler takes a significant portion of the commission.

The Usual Way:

The Evolution Way:

You contact Evolution and are warmly welcomed with personal contact and tailored guidance. After selecting your carrier(s), the policies are written in the name of your agency. No commission off the top – you keep the full commission from the carrier.

We continue to work with you to develop and expand your business. We can also help you with National companies, much smaller premium commitments and goals you can reach.

When your are ready to expand and see huge growth, we offer various membership tiers, involving profit sharing and other benefits.

Evolution: a grounded approach for steady growth

Steady Growth, Not A “Quick Fix”

We’re in it for the long haul. Our team has worked to develop the strong relationships and industry expertise that allow us to leverage opportunities for you.

Evolution is the result of many years of our own hard work and investment… which is why we can understand the position you are in! We truly don’t succeed unless you do – and we look forward to a stable and long-term partnership with you for years to come.