Evolution: Partnerships for Independent Agencies

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Evolution provides you with direct access to preferred carriers so that you can grow and expand your agency……without affecting your bottom line.

But that’s not where it stops! We’re committed to building up independent agencies like yours. We take a ground up approach where we help grow your agency and support the goals you set for expansion.

We’ve got your back. If you’re struggling to grow your business, frustrated that you can’t get direct carrier appointments, are tired of giving up commissions and control of your book, then Evolution is here for you.


Some of our many insurance carrier partners


At Evolution, we strive for your success


Apply with Evolution and become a member.


Get direct access to the carriers you need, without the huge premium commitments.


Evolution empowers you to remain independent, maximize commissions and get the policies in your name.

The Evolution value:

Your company deserves the same growth advantages that others enjoy!


“Working with Pam and her team at Evolution has been a God send. It is a resource that we highly cherish.
Pam has helped us get appointments that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get.
As a result of those opportunities with new carriers, we were able to grow well beyond our initial goals.
I highly recommend you stop your affiliate/cluster group shopping because you have found the right one with Evolution!!”

–David Bass, KYC Insurance Services

“Evolution has been extremely beneficial in our success on having access to direct carriers without the added stress of having to meet high limits. It allows you to focus on growing your book of business at your own pace.
The most important assets are that you are the owner of your book of business and if anything, they support and help you on getting your appointment directly. They are honest and 100% transparent, which is key for a good partnership.
Pam and her team have been truly a pleasure and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for everything.”

–Mayra Menjirar, Keystar Insurance Services

Evolution is the right fit for your next stage of growth

A new way forward – the expansion and development you’re seeking, without having to compromise your standards. Your company deserves the same growth advantages that others enjoy!