Cultivating relationships & creating opportunities

The Evolution difference:

A new way forward – the expansion and development you’re seeking, without having to compromise your standards. Your company deserves the same growth advantages other agencies enjoy!

What can Evolution do for my agency?

Through our unique model and industry positioning, we’re able to:

  • Reduce Frustration: You’ll have direct access to the carriers best suited to your business needs, with reduced premium commitments.
  • Time Saved: Instant access to carrier websites to input your own submissions and service your accounts.
  • Increased Income: Keep more of what you earn. No more splitting commissions.
  • Dependable Partnership: Evolution was established by a team of insurance experts who have all built agencies from the ground up. We know how challenging it is to grow when you’re an independent agency. Our #1 goal is to support you.
  • Agency Development: We utilize our experience, resources, and connections to help your company develop and expand, allowing you to access greater gains down the line.
  • Autonomy: Best of all– you own your book of business. No more giving away control… or commissions!
How is Evolution able to offer these benefits to my agency?

The size of our membership group, plus our extensive industry relationships, allow us to have greater leverage and advantages with our carrier partners. This enables us to offer your agency the benefits and access without the pitfalls. We guide you to the best carriers for your book and advocate with them on your behalf to provide you with a strong marketplace advantage.

How do I apply?