Hi I am Pam, the President of Evolution Partners

The Evolution Partners Insurance team has a profound depth of Insurance industry knowledge and relationships.

I personally have been in the insurance industry since 1992, beginning on the retail side, where I owned my own agency. I moved to the commercial carrier side, where I spent most of my career approving or rejecting agents seeking direct carrier appointments.

Yes, unfortunately, I was the bearer of bad news for many independent agents. Although independent agents like you are hard working and want to grow, growth is hard to achieve on your own. Most carriers/companies require agents to have a fairly high minimum book of business and must agree to a huge premium commitment to receive direct carrier appointments.

It’s a frustrating “Catch 22” that keeps you from growing.
You are not big enough to get direct appointments with competitive carriers,
but you can’t grow your business without those appointments.

Working with General Agencies or Wholesalers has its place and are needed for many hard to place risks. However, when you use them for all risks, you work hard to create a book of business, but then policies aren’t in your name and you don’t own your book. To add insult to injury, you give up nearly 50% of your commissions you’ve worked so hard to earn. You are at the mercy of others who control your book and you don’t get to service your own policies.

That’s why we started Evolution Partners Insurance Marketing.

Opportunities, not Obstacles.

I believe independent agents deserve a level playing field, with the same growth advantages and resources large agencies enjoy.

How does it work? The size of our membership group allows us to have greater leverage and advantages with our carrier partners, so YOU can enjoy the benefits and access of a large agency, without the pitfalls. My strong carrier and underwriting relationships give me the influence and authority to help you get the carriers you need to grow, without giving up your independence. I guide you to the best carriers for your book and advocate with them on your behalf to provide you with a marketplace advantage.

Administrative Support is Essential

To be competitive, you must respond quickly to your clients’ needs. Waiting days or weeks for quoting or policy approval puts you at a competitive disadvantage.

I believe you deserve first-class customer service, with

  • Lightning fast quoting to win new business quickly
  • Access to carrier service centers, so your customers get their claims and questions handled promptly
  • Sales & submission support with online & application training to keep you at the top of your game
  • Free sales and marketing leads, so you can grow and build with the classes of business carriers want
  • Access to new markets and carriers to help you diversify and evolve your business

Ultimately, I want to help independent agents like you grow and prosper. I’ve been an independent agent so I understand how hard you work with limited resources. That’s why Evolution Partners was created. Our team is your business partner, eager to support and guide you, so you can grow your sales and profitability and own the lucrative agency you’ve always dreamed of.

Become a member and experience the Evolution Partners’ difference.

Pam Meisl
Evolution Partners Insurance Marketing
My Direct line: (714) 509-5624